Buying Wholesale Meat Online: Qualities to Look Out For

Buying Wholesale Meat Online: Qualities to Look Out For

A wide range of consumers practically buys meat for their daily meat needs and requirements. Stores, restaurants, special occasions and events and people from around the world buy meat products from a wholesaler simply because of the following reasons: high quality products and better value. There are many meat shops that you can find around these days but when price and quality are your concern then the best place to go is Soloway’s. When you buy from other meat stores, you’ll be deprived of the chance to know about the real quality and information of the meat you are buying. At Soloway’s we make sure that every little detail is carefully tackled every time you buy from us.

Healthy Meat Choices

As of today, many people are very much conscious about their health. So, even when many health conscious people tend to eat meat, this does not necessarily mean that they are not aware of the kind of meat that they buy and eat. For example, many people are aware of the fact that nitrites or excess fat can be obtained from eating meat. There are also those who know that there are meat products which are not actually gluten-free. With these realities, choices for these people are limited especially when they tend to shop locally. At Soloway’s we offer a wide range of meat choices such as burgers and wieners which are absolutely gluten-free and nitrite-free. Food labels are also present on each meat product so that every customer can have the idea how much fat is contained by the product that he intends to buy.

Bulk Purchases

Here are many meat companies that will only sell their products when buyers take time at high quantities. This is something that may not be feasible for those who want only want to buy a quantity of meat that they can consume for a week, two weeks, a month or so. If a customer doesn’t have reliable storage space then buying a large quantity of meat isn’t a good idea for him. At Soloway’s, this isn’t going to be a predicament. We offer meat products at different quantities at prices that every customer will surely love. While it is true that bulk buying equates with lower prices, we still believe that people should not buy quantities that they cannot consume or will only lead them to health problems. At Soloway’s we do not only care about your budget but your health and safety as well.

Food Safety

With many food poisoning issues that have become known in the past, more and more people are now becoming more conscious about what they are buying and serving to themselves and their loved ones. At Soloway’s we are very much proud to say that we are compliant with the Food Safety laws imposed by the government. Apart from this, we also make sure that all products are labeled accordingly, allowing all buyers are informed regarding the ingredients contained by each product. With this in mind, you will definitely get what you truly expect.

Food safety is something that entails how food products are handled, prepared, stocked and stored. It should be followed accordingly so as to prevent possible contamination, making them safe to consume. At Soloway’s we take pride of the quality of meat products that we offer. As a matter of fact, we have operated for years and food safety is the emblem that we carry through the years, allowing us to spread and gain popularity over time. From the time we started out our operation in 1927 and food service in 1996, we can say that our name already depicts a pillar that can never be put down. With more than ninety years of operation, we can proudly say that we know the expectations of our followers. They simply like nothing but the best meat products that they want to serve to their loved ones. This is something that these people can realize because every product that we buy has been subjected to following strict guidelines, ensuring every customer that each single product that we offer and sell reaches the highest degree or level as far as safety and standard is concerned.

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